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Rome Skyline

Pilgrimage to Rome & Bracciano
18-24 February, 2023

"The body of Christ: united with Jesus"

What does it mean to be a member of the body of Christ?

Discover how St. Peter, St. Paul, and many other saints lived united to Jesus and united to one another.

Live this experience on pilgrimage. 


Why pilgrimage?

Recognizing that we are body-soul composites, the tradition of pilgrimages in the Catholic Church gives us a physical way of living out what we hope to have happen in our spiritual lives.  As we travel towards God physically, seeking Him through our travel and even our sacrifices/sufferings along the way (weariness, hunger, not seeing something you wanted to see, a roommate with different perspectives, a missed train, a blister or two…), we are asking God to do interiorly, through grace, this same work of detachment from our own ego and the acceptance of growth and movement towards His will and His plan for our life.

Image by Caleb Miller

Why Rome?

What does it mean to be Catholic? What is the Church? The Church professes to be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. These aren't empty words. They are a living reality and in Rome you can point your finger and say, "Look! There's the pope. Look! There is yet another burial place of a saint who heroically responded to the needs of her time. Look! This isn't just for a select few. Look! There are the bones of the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul who gave their lives bearing witness to Jesus." Come and see!


Why Bracciano?

Part of the gift of staying at Villaggio Betania in Bracciano is that we can avail ourselves of the prayerful atmosphere of the Sister’s monastic life, the beauty of nature, the lovely accommodations in our casas, and the experience of the Sisters who will help to prepare us for our days in Rome.

We will have two "seminar days" here. These days are designed to give you extra free time for conversation, prayer, reflection, sleep, fun, and friendship. On these days we will spend time together learning more about the saints and what they can teach us today. These seminars are meant to be both reflective and interactive.

You also will have the option of enjoying the gardens, the lake, and the nearby castle.

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Many thanks to the Mr. Paul de Gruyter Foundation for their sponsorship!
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